Virtual Harbour You can select from a variety of support resources for your service needs. Trained technicians and developers are available from Virtual Harbour and Google offers a range of online and telephonic support options.


The Google Mini and the Google Search Appliance are so easy to set up and maintain, you may never have a question about how to implement search on your website or intranet. Should you want advice however, Google offers full access to our support team of systems and network engineers.

A full-service source for help.

Google provides support for every aspect of our search appliances. That means you have access to information and assistance from Google experts.

Full access to online resources.

The Google customer support site is available 24/7 and provides a wide range of help options including discussion forums, support documentation, the latest software updates and release notes. It's a complete source for the most current information on your appliance and a great way to share best practices and optimization tips with other owners.

Hardware replacement coverage.

If for some reason your Google Search Appliance or Google Mini stops working during the term of your support contract, Google will send you a new appliance.


  • Online Support Resources
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Setup & Deployment
  • Account Management